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The   story behind BAAB

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BAAB was born from a passion to create a place that people can indulge in authentic dishes from the Eastern Mediterranean, in relaxed surroundings that promote sharing and bonding over meals.

Mediterranean cuisine is the food enjoyed by the people of the Mediterranean Basin. The idea of a Mediterranean cuisine originates from cookery publications from the 1950’s. This quickly became popular when the idea and culture was amplified by writers working in English. Many people define the three core elements of the cuisine as the olive, wheat, and the grape, yielding olive oil, bread and pasta, and wine.

Eastern Mediterranean cuisine covers all countries east of the Mediterranean Sea. That means Greece, Turkey and the Levant. The region is incredibly rich in culture and heritage, yielding amazing flavours and delicious food.

Sharing is also an important pillar of the cuisine. Sharing food symbolizes social coherence, which is seen through family meals all across the Mediterranean. However, the same concept applies to multiple families that share a meal together. Eating together with people outside of the immediate family group further creates a bond with other, unrelated individuals. This enhances the experience for everyone at the table, allowing diners to experience more flavours and textures. Overall, this leaves them more satisfied, both socially and culturally.

BAAB promotes sharing and bonding through food. The menu consists of a combination of meze dishes, large and small. These are served as soon as they are ready, meaning dishes are always arriving at the table, creating theatre all night long. There’s no food envy or post order regret, as everyone is involved in the experience. Cutlery is on the table, but we encourage people to tear off bread and scoop up the delicious meze. You can also grab a piece of grilled lamb, because why not?

At BAAB, we have no rules. Our passion is to deliver an authentic Mediterranean experience, giving diners a chance to experience a truly amazing evening. We deliver unique flavours and an unrivalled atmosphere.

BAAB is a place to share both food and experience. Inspired by a region rich in culture, beautiful scenery, oodles of sunshine, and amazing food, you’re bound to have an amazing evening.

Book now and indulge.





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