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Lulu   Lounge – The perfect venue for a Scottish Whisky

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Lulu Lounge is located within the Perle Oban Hotel. This is a relaxed venue, situated at Oban’s beautiful harbour. By day, it is the perfect spot to enjoy bespoke coffee and afternoon tea. But by night, we transform into a destination that is perfect to sample a curated selection of Scottish Whisky.

Scotland is a very small country and yet the diversity in its whiskies is amazing. There is a Scotch Whisky for every possible occasion and palate, paired with or without food. There are more than 100 distilleries in Scotland, each producing a distinctively flavoured spirit. When blended together, they produce well-known Scotch Blends. When unblended, the spirit is bottled on its own. This is known as a Single Malt.

There are three main reasons why Scottish whisky is the best (we aren’t biased, promise!)

  1. Water– The Scottish Highlands have the purest water in the world. Some of the world’s best mineral water also comes from Scotland, aiding in the distilling process.
  2. Climate – You need a very stable, cool climate to brew the perfect malt whiskey. Too warm and the mixture ferments too much, and you get a strong, sour taste. Too cold and water permeates the barrel and weakens the brew. Until climate controlled warehouses came along in the 1980s, there were few places in the world with a very stable, climate all year round. To this day, experts think that modern climate controlled warehouses aren’t as good as the natural Scottish climate! Who are we to disagree?
  3. Experience – Scotland have been doing this for a very long time. Most countries have only had the technology to brew a malt whisky for the last 30 years. Scottish breweries have been creating Whisky since the 1700’s. This combination of experience, methods and techniques is so hard to replicate, meaning Scottish Whisky remains the top choice for Whisky drinkers all over the world.

When considering a venue to enjoy a Scottish single malt, we suggest you choose a venue that has the experience and setting to make it special. Our lounge offers the perfect blend of a relaxed setting with contemporary elements throughout. Whether it’s a birthday celebration or a locally distilled whisky in our snug, you’ll certainly enjoy your time with us at Lulu Lounge.

Enjoy a Scottish Whisky in Lulu Lounge during your next visit to Oban.


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