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Explore   Fairy Glen from Marmalade Hotel

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The more remote we travel; the more time seems to slow down, and we have time to consider life and our personal priorities. Fairy Glen is the most idyllic of remote locations to discover, perfectly positioned on the West side of Trotternish at Balnacnoc (which means – the village or township in the hills) above Uig, is the Fairy Glen – a Quirang-like landslip in miniature.


Skye has a long history involving the Fairies, most of which is related to Dunvegan Castle and their ‘Fairy Flag’. The Fairy Glen has no real legends or stories involving fairies that can be traced. Just simply the fact that the location is unusual, it has therefore been given the nickname Fairy Glen.


One top of one of the hills you will discover the basalt topping is still intact, from a distance this does look like a ruin which has inexplicably being named Castle Ewan. Visitors can climb to the top, it is not the most spacious up there, but it is certainly worth climbing to experience the view. Behind the Castle Ewan you will find a very small cave where is has been said pressing coins into cracks of the rock will bring Good Luck for years to come.


In recent times visitors have begun moving the rocks to create spirals on the ground. In recent years’ visitors inspired some rituals involving walking the spirals then leaving a coin or token in the centre as an offering to the fairies for good luck.


The locals on Skye have continually removed these stone spirals to preserve the Glen in its natural state.


Parking is very limited in the Glen, we strongly recommended you park in Uig and walk into the Glen.

Book a night stay and explore the Glen.

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