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An informal relaxed space to chill out, watch something on the big screen, the mezzanine level is the place to be!

Our Mezzanine Lounge boasts a relaxing atmosphere and mimics the experience of a trip to the big screen. In our Mezzanine Lounge, get lost in the magic of a movie, resulting in beautiful memories being made or reminisced about.

At the end of another thrilling day exploring, time to rest and recharge – with cosy seating, comfortingly warm and rich colours, luxurious fabrics – this is the place where all the family can gather for some quality time.

So kick off your shoes, curl up in comfort and settle in!

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  • Comfortable, cosy, relaxed

  • Giant TV

  • Games consoles

  • Ideal for all the family

  • Available for hotel residents

Estonian Sauna

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Wild Plunge Pool

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Restaurant+1-min (1)

Whisky Bar

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