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Wild Plunge Pool

There is something oddly attractive and enlivening about swimming outdoors. Beyond the social media posts, there are health benefits too, and it's a beautiful, refreshing and (if you've not done it before) entirely new way of exploring the outdoors.

Wild Plunge Pool
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Estonian Saunas

Our stunning facility features superb Estonian Saunas and plunge pool. For those looking to relax and rejuvenate, the Estonian saunas are an oasis of calm and an escape from your worries, allowing you to feel a world away from busy daily life thanks to beautiful landscape, space, pure air - all creating a sanctuary of calm and relaxation.

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Mezzanine Lounge

Our Mezzanine Lounge boasts a relaxing atmosphere and mimics the experience of a trip to the big screen. In our Mezzanine Lounge, get lost in the magic of a movie, resulting in beautiful memories being made or reminisced about.

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