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Welcome to Dulse & Brose

The Dulse & Brose menu reflects the vast Skye, Highland and wider Scottish larder: island and west coast seafood, Skye vegetables and salads, fine cuts of choice meat, Highland and east-coast Scottish cheese and delicious desserts to satisfy even the sweetest tooth.

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Dulse & Brose is a Scottish restaurant located in Portree on the Isle of Skye.


Dulse has been eaten for over one thousand years in North-Western Europe. The ancient Celtic warriors of old ate dulse as they were marching and, during the seventeenth century, British sailors ate it to prevent scurvy.

As the glaciers receded after the Ice Age, the land we now know as Scotland became the habitat of small groups of hunter-gatherers who settled there by 4000 BC. The bounty of the sea would have been essential to the success of these people, and seaweed would have been an easily gathered and abundant foodsource.

It is not until around 600 AD however that we have a categorical written record of seaweed use in a poem attributed to St. Columba himself. In this there is a reference to the monks of Iona collecting dulse (Palmaria palmata) from the rocks.

Rich in minerals and vitamins, dulse has been part of the staple diet of crofters throughout the North West coast. It is often eaten with oatmeal in a thick broth or simply boiled and served with butter as a separate dish.


Brose is a Scots word for an uncooked form of porridge. Oatmeal and/or other cereals are mixed with boiling water and allowed to stand for a short time. It is then served with salt, butter, milk or buttermilk. Another version of brose is called crowdie which is made with ground oats and cold water, although that term is more often used for a type of cheese.

In the 16th century shepherds carried with them a mixture of oatmeal and water. Brose resulted from the agitation of the mixture as they climbed the hills. In addition to oats, brose can be made with other types of cereals such as barley, peasemeal or a mixture of different grains. Other ingredients, such as nettle tops, kale and swede may also be added to the basic brose dish.

Both dulse and brose are natural, nutritious Scottish ingredients that symbolise the tradition and accessibility of the Dulse and Brose story.


Serious about local

Portree, Isle of Skye

Our menus are developed using seasonal produce sourced locally with most of our ingredients coming from the island itself. The Dulse & Brose name represents the locality of the restaurant and its focus on sea and land produce.

Dulse & Brose Menus

Portree Harbour is a great attraction for foodie explorers discovering the world through food and travel. If you love good food and you’re planning to visit the Isle of Skye then your in for a real treat at Dulse & Brose. Find fresh smoked salmon, tempura prawns and wild boar sausages on the menu. Our chef’s at Dulse & Brose make the most delicious homemade ice cream, banoffee pie and cheesecakes, paired with the perfect whisky. 

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Outstanding service and food, I cannot wait to come all the way across the world again for this amazing experience once more. Everything was excellent, and we felt like the staff really cared about out time at the restaurant. Drinks at the pub after were great too, large selection of whisky and beers. 100% recommend, one of our highlights in Portree.

Marie Donnel - 5

Absolutely loved my visit to this establishment! The food was amazing, I had the mushroom stroganoff while reading a little book held on the shelves. I’m not used to dining myself and on this trip my anxiety was particularly high but the management staff Gary and Emma made me feel so comfortable and welcomed! Will 100% be back!

Fiomoneu - 5