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Careers at Perle Hotels

Our staff give their thoughts on working at Perle Hotels.




A day in the life of Chefs at Perle Hotels on the Isle of Skye

Breakfast Supervisor

John Bennett

I Joined Perle Hotels in: February 2017

My Journey so far: Having previously had plenty of experience within the hospitality industry, I chose to join The Bosville as I wanted to take on a role and be part of a company that I could really sink my teeth into and invest my time, energy and passion through every project I take on. The team here are all very like-minded and it creates a great working atmosphere. I hope to continue my journey with Perle Hotels are further my personal career aspirations.

Passions and Past-times: Outside of work I run my own business as a PT (personal trainer) and have gained nutrition qualifications as well as having studied a lot of physiotherapy courses. I love outdoor sports and also spend my free time working part time as an axe-throwing and archery instructor in a local outdoor centre. I also enjoy climbing, kayaking and generally being a nerd with PC’s and technology.

My Best Day Ever: Although I have been fortunate enough to have many memorable days that I could have chosen, the following is one that repeatedly comes to mind. During the three years that I spent in Australia, I trained to become a pro-MMA fighter, and I’d say my first victory in the semi-pro ring at AFC 2015 has been a personal highlight of my life so far, and will be a day that I will never forget.

Decorating for Christmas at Perle Hotels


Linda Cavallaro

When did you start working at Perle? 1st May 2017.

What do you love the most about working at Perle? Engaging with different people from different countries on a daily basis and giving them tips on where to go on the island. In addition to that, the fact that every shift is different from the previous one, as all customers experience the rooms and environment in a completely different way.

What is your favourite thing to do in your spare time? Mostly camping around the island (during summer, obviously) – there are so many hidden spots and sites I haven’t heard of/seen ! I am also a diehard plant lady – I like gardening/growing crops and taking care of my indoor plants.

What is your happiest memory working at Perle? Probably October 2017, when we had a couple from the United States staying with us. He told us he was going to propose to his girlfriend at the Fairy Glen and have a toast with Prosecco there, on the second morning of their stay.
Little did he know that Coop does not sell alcohol before 10AM (I was convinced he was prepared!) That morning he turned up at reception panicking and stressed and we managed to provide him with a bottle of Prosecco from our cellar. He was extremely happy and obviously we wished him all the best with his proposal. When they came back later on in the afternoon we learned she said yes and that their wedding was going to be a year later (I even got an invitation for that!)

Gardeners and landscapers of the Perle hotel group on the Isle of Skye

Maintenance Manager

Raymond Coughlin

I Joined Perle Hotels in: July 2015

My Journey so far: Having started in three different hotels with so much needing done, it was more firefighting than maintenance to begin with…but after two renovations we are slowly but surely starting to get there.

Passion and Past-times: I have five children so don’t have much time for past times – but they are my passion.

My Best Day Ever: I cannot pick one ‘best’ day as such – but every time that I fix something deemed as ‘unfixable’ I get a lot of satisfaction!